Hello beautiful!!


I am SO glad you are here. I am Ashley Piper, founder and creator of Amplified and Amp Clothing Co. Thank you for sharing your heart with me, and allowing me to share mine with you. Because that's what its all about, right? Fueling our love tanks, so that we can give love. That's where Amplified was created from--LOVE. It is a one-stop for all things self love and body positvity; to live your best life, free from restrictions and inner dialogues, to be who you truly want to be-- who you were created to be. That includes finding a deeper love for yourself that you didn't know existed. So you can finally live out your purpose and dreams that were hiding beneath that layer of who you thought you were supposed to be. Whether it be improving your ((mental wellness)) and vigor by healing your gut-brain axis, wearing clothes that were specifically crafted to improve your self love and embrace the body you have right now wthout changing it, replinish your f a i t h, or to simply fill you up on positive vibes and provide love and support on your journey to love the body you have and who are are, unconditionally.... THIS is the place!! Make yourself comfortable, take a breath, and get ready to live out your life with purpose


L I V E, Amplified. L O V E, Amplified. B E  Y O U, Amplified.