Who knew?

I think by know we all now know that although antibiotics kill bacteria when we have an infection, they also kill giod bacteria that we NEED.

BUT••• did you know that there are other medicines out there that DE.STROY. our good bacteria? Causing disrupt in our microbiome. Wreaking havoc in out gut...

Birth control pills.Antacids.Steroids and NSAIDS.

Things most Americans take on a DAILY BASIS. destroy our good bacteria. Thus, causing leaky gut, which can lead to #autoimmune disease or like- symptoms.

If you are suffering. Ask me about thes i m p l e protocol to repair your gut lining and see a


So often we look for <things> to make us happy... or people. Or we distract ourselves with other peoples' lives on social media, addictively scrolling to numb, instead of confronting and dealing with our own issues. #guilty .
But this, right here, is TRUTH.
Try it-- have compassion for yourself. Make it a habit. And see how your mood shifts.
What does self compassion look like? Different for each person, I'd imagine. But maybe it doesn't inv...olve negative self talk, or comparison. But more of appreciating who you are and what you're capable of.
Maybe it's just q u i e t .

How I see it?
G E N T L E .

What does your self compassion look like?